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Design Philosophy

By designing human-solution interactions, designers can take an active role in defining a purposeful experience for the user. Designers must pursue the user's core need, empowering our organizations, by facilitating a multidisciplinary perspective, embracing mounting constraints, and communicating our designs with clarity to our stakeholders.



Taking the time to stop and think about the problem and how human beings perceive the issue, frames my success.


There are so many options, but user testing, sketching, and competitive analysis are my fundamental elements in realizing truth. 


Without feedback we would all be lost. Bringing in other perspectives allow me to discover new possibilities. 

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Asking "what could be" is a driving force for my design process because it defines all possibilities, challenging my creativity without limits.


Real solutions are carved out of defined spaces, which consider target users, a definition of success, and design's impact on the return of investment.


A bit about me


I am a UX Designer and Design Strategist. I have a Masters in HCI and design, but I'm definitely still learning everyday. 

At work, I seek out and am stimulated by challenging problems. I am process and outcome focused, keeping both high level and detailed objectives in mind. I tend to be fearless in the face of unknowns, always trying to answer the 'why' by doing.

Beyond the screen, I am a purpose pursuer, always searching to grow and find my meaning. I am a husband, dog owner/lover, spartan, motorcyclist, cyclist, drummer, socialite, foodie, and more. Because you never know what you love until you try.  

Enthusiastic, industrious, logical, and confident.

My journey...

Spartan Race
2016 Honda CBR 650F
Elana, my wife
Joe, the dog